How Do I Get More Views And Subs On Youtube?

Answer If you want more views 1. Post new videos on a regular schedule and post them when the majority of your subscribers are logged onto Youtube2. Use good tags that you can rank for in search results3.... Read More »

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How many subs & views do i need for a youtube partnership ?

They don't go by subs its views they go by, I became a partner at 10k views. And becoming a partner is to allow cash flow from your work, not to call yourself better than someone. And that's what i... Read More »

On Youtube, will you get more views using more or less "tag words"?

I think you can get more views by leaving good comments and ratings on other people's videos. They'll see that and go see yours. Try it on this channel:

How do you get more views on youtube?

The best thing to do is find videos that get thousands of views a day, and in the comments, tell people to watch your videos. Trust me i used it and generated about 200 views in one day an a new vi... Read More »

How do I get more views on YouTube?

do tutorials or things like that people like that lol yeah if u have one film ur pet doing something stupid or ur sister or brother that makes people laugh . get twitter tumblr facebook and ... Read More »