How Do I Get Hitmonlee in "Pokemon SoulSilver"?

Answer Hitmonlee is a fighting Pokemon that specializes in foot-based combat. While this Pokemon is available in "Pokemon SoulSilver," you can only obtain it by evolving another Pokemon in the game, Tyrog... Read More »

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How to Easily Catch Pokemon With the Buttons on "Pokemon SoulSilver"?

Pokemon are found throughout the Pokemon series of games. One of the primary objectives of the series is to catch wild Pokemon, train them and compete against other Pokemon trainers in competitions... Read More »

How to Create a Cool Pokemon Team in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver?

Want to get a good Pokemon Team in Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver? Here's one type of team you can build! The extra-good thing is, you can fill in the last two slots with any Pokemon you want!

How to Activate the Pokemon Modifier in "Pokemon SoulSilver Version"?

Pokemon modifiers can be very useful when you desperately need to find a specific Pokemon in "Pokemon SoulSilver." Since there are hundreds of Pokemon from which to choose, it can be difficult to f... Read More »

How to Give Your Pokemon a Haircut on "Pokemon SoulSilver"?

The Pokemon that you catch and train in "Pokemon SoulSilver" like to look their best, so treat them with a haircut to boost their happiness and attractiveness. The barber shop in Goldenrod City is ... Read More »