How Do I Get AMV File For My Mp3\Mp4 Player?

Answer The only way to get AMV file is to Convert "Videos" to "AMV".Some MP4/MP3 players can only play videos with "AMV" extension.Use this tool to convert your videos to AMV. Read More »

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What can you download to a Apple iPod nano 8GB Mp3MP4 player?

If it is the 3rd generation then you can download movies, tv shows, music, audiobooks, podcasts, photos, calendars and contacts. If it is the 2nd generation then you can download everything that th... Read More »

What is the best file extension for a video file to play in a DVD player?

On One Hand: Universal video file formatsFor video that is meant to be burned to a DVD and then played on a computer, file extensions .m2v, .vob or .m4v will generally work. The advantage of mpeg-2... Read More »

How to Play a CDA File on an MP3 Player?

Convert CDA files to MP3 format to play them on MP3 players. According to CoolUtils Development, Compact Disc Audio (CDA) files represent audio tracks on a CD but contain no actual pulse code modul... Read More »

Can a blu ray DVD player play MP4 file?

Blu-Ray is a format that directly supports DTS sound as opposed to DVD that can only emulate it through the player. This will most definitely affect sound playback, but many home viewers will not n... Read More »