How Do I Free a Seized Automobile AC Compressor?

Answer An automobile air conditioner (AC) compressor compresses refrigerant and allows it to circulate through the system, cooling the vehicle. A seized AC compressor causes the AC to malfunction. Freeing... Read More »

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How to Free a Seized Engine?

Engines rarely seize, but when they do, it is almost always due to a long period of nonoperation. When an engine seizes, one or more pistons have literally become stuck against the cylinder's wall.... Read More »

How to Free Seized Nuts & Bolts?

Old nuts and bolts are prone to rust and often become seized if an anti-seize compound was not used during the initial installation. The extent of this problem can range from mild annoyance to outr... Read More »

How to Free Up a Tiller Motor That Is Seized Up?

A tiller motor can become seized after the engine has been in use for some time, even if you have attempted to keep the machine in good condition. A seized motor will cause your tiller to become co... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Regular AC Compressor & an OEM Compressor?

The difference between a regular compressor and an OEM compressor lies in the manufacturer of the part. A "regular" compressor could be made by any manufacturer while an OEM compressor (or any othe... Read More »