How Do I File My Taxes if I Am Self-Employed?

Answer Self-employed individuals are responsible for paying both their personal Social Security tax and the employer matching payment. For people in traditional employment, their employers pay an amount e... Read More »

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What Can a Self-Employed Person Deduct on Taxes?

Self-employed individuals, whether working independently or with others, are ultimately responsible for their own tax liability. While this may seem like a heavy financial burden, many deductions m... Read More »

How to E-File Self-Prepared Taxes for Free?

Filing your taxes electronically can save you a lot of headaches, not to mention some postage. These days the IRS makes e-filing relatively quick and easy, and even provides free access to tax soft... Read More »

How to Be Self Employed?

Do you know that you're working more than your boss, but you get paid less than what your boss earns? That's the way most businesses work. If you want to get out of that zone and realize how much y... Read More »

Self-Employed Tax Relief?

Setting your own hours, working from home, and being your own boss are some of the perks of self-employment. Paying self-employment tax, on the other hand, is definitely no perk. Many first-time in... Read More »