How Do I Factor in Depreciation in Buying an Apartment?

Answer In normal usage, depreciation is the decrease in an asset's value due to any cause. In financial accounting, depreciation refers to a procedure to represent the constant decrease in an asset's valu... Read More »

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Are gas prices a deciding factor for buying a car?

On One Hand: Consumer Polls Say YesAccording to a consumer poll by Rasmussen Reports, in June 2009, 80 percent of Americans at least take gas prices into consideration when buying a new car. Forty-... Read More »

If John and Edward were to somehow win the X-Factor, would you be buying their songs?

Never in a million years. They are only staying in because they've got the whole of Ireland voting for them and the English, Scottish and Welsh votes are split between all the other contestants. As... Read More »

What are the downsides of buying a co-op apartment?

Depending on the process the board follows when screening applicants, be aware that you may be required to bear significant scrutiny. The board may -- and legally so -- inspect your: Financial heal... Read More »

Where will you be buying your "bak kwa" from this year and why Is price a factor or is taste more important?

I prefer the taste & quality not branding. There will not be a specific place for me to go buy bak kwa...usually is Chinatown.LCG bak kwa -> standards are maintained during normal day. Standard dro... Read More »