How Do I Enable Right-Clicking on My iBook?

Answer There is a certain learning curve when switching from the Microsoft Windows operating system to a Macintosh. Certain tasks in Windows, such as accessing menu options and fixing spelling mistakes, a... Read More »

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How to prevent right-clicking?

Unless you can edit the site yourself, the answer is no. If the photos are on a website that you manage you can use some scripting to do this. Be aware that anyone can simply take a screenshot, cr... Read More »

How to Prevent Right Clicking Using Javascript?

You cannot stop all site visitors from copying your images or text and saving them to their hard drives. JavaScript functions exist that stop many users from doing this, but tech-savvy surfers can ... Read More »

Clicking and pain in flexing right foot?

I would see a podiatrist.It is better to be sure that something that hurts you is not serious or can be corrected now.I had similar and found out it was a tendon problem. She put me in orthotics an... Read More »

The right side of the clickpad on my mac isn't ******* clicking?

go to service center or if u dont fear to open up then manage a screw driver