How Do I Dispose of Cell Phone Batteries?

Answer Cell phone batteries, like all rechargeable batteries, contain chemicals that can harm the environment if they begin to crack and leak. Properly disposing of rechargeable batteries means recycling ... Read More »

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How to Dispose of a Cell Phone Safely?

Have you grown tired of your cell phone, or just gotten a new one? You need to be very careful when disposing of a cell phone, to make sure you do it properly.

How to Freeze Cell Phone Batteries?

Cell phones use NiMH batteries, which lose charge rapidly when compared with nonrechargeable batteries. This is especially true in hot, humid climates. If you have a cell phone that you don't use b... Read More »

How often do you need to replace cell phone batteries?

Batteries typically last up to 2 years without drastically losing capacity. To ensure your battery realizes the longevity you desire, avoid charging every day, extreme temperature changes, leaving ... Read More »

Do cell phone batteries have a memory?

The "memory effect," which reduces battery capacity when a person does not discharge a battery completely before recharging, does not affect modern cellphones, which use lithium ion power, accordin... Read More »