How Do I Dial a Serbian Number From My Phone in the USA?

Answer You can call a phone number in Serbia from any landline or cellphone in the USA by using a few specific codes. The Republic of Serbia is a small Eastern European country that used to be part of Yug... Read More »

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My house phone number is withheld, but if I want to show my number, what code do I dial before phone number?

How do you dial a 0800 number from a mobile phone?

You type it in the same way you do any other number!!!Its not free though

We have 2 landline phones 1 upstairs 1 downstairs what number do i dial from 1 phone to make the other ring?

I just click the softkeyes for direct-link....then all the extensions show up.....and I can choose....line 1-2-3----4 etc...

PHONE TECH: What do i dial to get the phone number of the line I am using?

if the service is new, it will take 24-48 hours to get the number into the data-base and be call you phone-provider, or call the operator...411 and ask what to do!