How Do I Develop Biceps Without Dumbbells?

Answer If you want to show the world that you care about being fit, working on your biceps is an efficient way to make that happen. It is possible to develop biceps without dumbbells or free weights throu... Read More »

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How to Develop Biceps?

You can do this using weights, but all that this workout requires is your body.

Does repetitive lifting of 12 oz. cans in any way help develop biceps?

How can you work your biceps and back without weights and without doing pull ups?

Prisoners DO have access to gym equipment...BUTYou can work out muscles without equipment at all.Dynamic tension is a method used to build strength without the use of weights. It pits Muscle agains... Read More »

How to Increase the Biceps Without Weights or Equipment?

The biceps muscle is located in the upper arm and is responsible for flexion -- bending -- of the elbow and supination --turning palm up -- in the forearm. This muscle is used frequently throughout... Read More »