How Do I Determine My AC Power Source Frequency?

Answer Direct current (or "DC") power sources supply electrical energy where current flows in one direction only. In contrast, alternating current (or "AC") power sources supply electrical energy where cu... Read More »

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What is our AC power source frequency?

According to Pacific Power Source, there are three main frequencies of AC power: 50, 60, and 400 Hertz (cycles per second). The most commonly used frequency in the United States is 60 Hertz, though... Read More »

How to Determine the Resonant Frequency of a Cooling Tower Fan?

Determining the resonant frequency of a cooling tower fan, or any object, requires finding the frequency at which the fan will respond to vibrations. When an object resonates, any vibrations are am... Read More »

I'm building a computer how much power should my power source provide?

If your building your own then don't skimp on power.Getting a higher rating than you need means the PSU will not break into a sweatand it leaves you loads of room to upgrade components at a later d... Read More »

Can you wire 120v AC power from a 24v DC power source?

Generally speaking, you can "invert" 24-volt (DC) power to 120-volt (AC) power, using power inverter equipment. Because 120-volt AC powered devices rely on amperage as well as voltage, you should ... Read More »