How Do I Decline My Postgraduate Acceptance?

Answer A post doctorate degree offers an exciting educational prospect, but you may want to decline your acceptance after considering the immense workload - - not to mention expenses. Alternatively, you m... Read More »

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How do I decline a job offer after acceptance?

Refrain from not "showing up" on the first day of a new job if you decide not to accept an offer of employment. You can reject an offer over the phone, by email, or by sending a letter to the hirin... Read More »

What is a postgraduate degree?

A postgraduate degree is a degree you can only earn after obtaining a bachelor's degree first. The two basic kinds of postgraduate degree in the United States are the master's degree, such as an M.... Read More »

Postgraduate Scholarships in the USA?

Students who complete their bachelor's degree may wish to continue their education and undertake postgraduate studies. This includes working toward a master's degree, a doctorate or a specific prof... Read More »

The Top Postgraduate Universities in the UK?

The United Kingdom has a long tradition of higher eduction that stretches back to the founding of Oxford University in the 11th century. Today the country has some of the best universities in the w... Read More »