How Do I Decide What Information Is Credible & Noteworthy for My Research Paper?

Answer Don't write a research paper only to discover that the information you referenced isn't reputable. The strength of your research paper depends on the scope of your research and the amount of time a... Read More »

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How to Write a Credible Research Paper?

Few college students escape from school without ever having to write a research paper. Even high school students may be asked to write papers in their classes. Professionals often write research pa... Read More »

Why isn't Wikipedia a not considered a credible reference source in college research?

Because Wikipedia is a tertiary level source - that is its articles are summaries of what has been published elsewhere. These secondary sources are listed at the bottom of the article page in the r... Read More »

Wikipedia is a great learning tool, but it is not a credible reference source to use for college research?

I agree that is a good starting point for college research and agree that the sources cited within the Wikipedia articles should be considered on a case-by-case base as credible references.I agree ... Read More »

Do you think wikipedia is a credible source of information?

When I attended college the first source my Professor said not to trust is wikipedia. It is an open source of info allowing anyone to enter facts, delete facts, and enter information without citing... Read More »