How Do I Deal With My Wife Passing Away?

Answer Losing a loved one is always difficult and challenging. Losing a partner or a spouse can be unsettling in many ways, as it renders you physically and emotionally alone. No matter what the length of... Read More »

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How can your 6 month pregnant wife get some relief of heavily bloated belly by passing some gas?

Answer she could try sipping pepermint water in hot water, or (don't laugh it works) get down on her knees and elbows with her bottom in the air. Gas rises.

How to Deal With an Unhappy Wife?

How to deal with an unhappy Wife....That is very difficult, let me see if i can help.

How to Deal With Your Brother In Law's Jealous Wife?

Your husband's brother is such a nice guy yet you just cannot seem to get his wife to like you. It would be great if everyone could get along yet she refuses to give you a fair chance. She is very ... Read More »

How to Deal With the New Wife Letting Your Children Do Anything?

This is a very difficult and tricky situation, and it has to be amended as soon as possible. If continued you are all heading for a disaster, and a very unhappy relationship.