How Do I Cut Down on Eating a Lot?

Answer Overeating is a hard habit to break, especially when you are accustomed to eating for reasons not directly related to hunger. According to, stress, irritation and frustration are s... Read More »

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Does blood sugar level go down after eating a big meal?

no there is a small surge after eating carbohydrate as it is digested to produce glucose, fructose, lactose - insulin is released as a homeostatic mechanism. Occasionally insulin can produce a rela... Read More »

What are the down sides to being eating a plant base diet?

Possible iron deficiency, since iron from plants is less absorbable than iron from meats, and some people have little ability to absorb it at all.Possible rise in grocery costs. Cheap meat goes far... Read More »

Besides eating at home which from the following list do you like eating at?

This is kinda tricky!Sometimes I really want a Mc Donald's, btu I only tend to go once every 2 months or so with my friends.My fave restaurant has to be the Turkish restaurant in my town, we hardly... Read More »

Caterpillars are eating my plants. trees shrubs roes' they're eating everything?

I wish I had an answer ,as I had the same problem a few years ago, But home depot recommend something and for the life of me I can't remember what it was, But my plants were so damaged .it did not ... Read More »