How Do I Connect Headphones to an LG Plasma TV?

Answer Privacy is an important issue in most households. If someone is watching a TV program, not everyone else in the house wants to necessarily hear the sound, especially if it is loud. A number of LG p... Read More »

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How do you connect headphones to my Panasonic plasma model tcp42u2?

Yes, I am pretty sure they do. If it's because you don't want you or another guy to look weird with them, don't worry. You could start a new trend!! =) (if it isn't one already)

How can you connect headphones to a television without headphones output?

Well it must have some kind of sound output to speakers, they'll work fine in there, or if you use any kind of satellite box try using it with that,

How to Connect a Mac to a Plasma TV?

If you own a plasma television, you undoubtedly want to make use of the high-definition resolution the TV offers, even when connecting your computer to your TV. Although Mac computers don't come wi... Read More »

How to Connect an IBM PC to a Plasma TV?

IBM computers utilize VGA adapters to output video to a monitor or projector. Most LCD and plasma TVs come standard with a VGA input for connecting a computer to the device. Connecting an IBM comp... Read More »