How Do I Completely Erase a Hard Drive& Reload Windows 98 SE?

Answer Windows 98 SE, more than a decade after its introduction, is still a popular and viable operating system for older computers. If you have a computer running Windows 98 SE that has slowed down from ... Read More »

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How do I completely erase a Windows XP hard drive on a Dell?

Boot from Your XP CD Insert the Windows XP installation CD into your optical drive or, if using floppy boot disks, insert the first floppy disk into the corresponding drive. Turn on your computer o... Read More »

How to Completely Erase XP From a Hard Drive?

Erasing your hard drive may be necessary if you are no longer going to be using the computer and are preparing it for sale, or if you have sensitive information on the computer and just want it era... Read More »

How can i completely erase a hard drive?

Frezing wit will not erase it, and you probably do not own a magnet capable of erasing it, despite all teh magazine artricles.The big question is do you want to re-use the disk? If not, go whack i... Read More »

How do i completely erase the hard drive?

What I would suggest is since your computer is in this bad shape, take it to one of the places that work on computers. Take all your restore software disks with you. They will wipe everything off a... Read More »