How Do I Clean the Plastic Lens on the Front of My Car?

Answer Plastic lenses that cover auto headlights came into fashion on high-end cars over 20 years ago. The trend spread, and now most headlights are behind a plastic lens. Advantages include protecting t... Read More »

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How to Clean the Plastic Lens on a Car's Dashboard?

The clear plastic cover over the dashboard gauges needs to be cleaned from time to time just like the rest of the car. You should take care when cleaning the plastic area, however, so that you do n... Read More »

How To Clean a Plastic Headlight Lens?

Plastic headlight lenses can accumulate dirt, road grime and insect debris over time. If they're not cleaned often, debris will eventually oxidize the clear plastic, leaving an opaque haze on the s... Read More »

How to Clean a Foggy Plastic Lens?

If you have fog on your camera lens, your photos will all look like they were taken on a foggy London night. However, fog can be easily removed, providing a clear view of the world. Don't let the f... Read More »

How to Clean A Faded Plastic Headlight Lens?

Clear plastic headlight lens cover the headlight bulb. Overtime, headlight lenses become scratched and discolored, which creates a hazy appearance. Dull headlight lenses look dirty on a clean detai... Read More »