How Do I Clean Out a Hermit Crab Cage?

Answer Remove all hermit crabs and empty hermit crab shells and place them in a plastic bucket with tall, smooth sides. Have someone watch to make sure the crabs don't climb out.Take out all accessories i... Read More »

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How do I set up a hermit crab cage?

TankHouse the hermit crabs in a glass tank. Use a 10-gallon tank for up to three hermit crabs and a 20-gallon tank for up to six hermit crabs.Substrate and FurnitureCover the bottom of the tank wit... Read More »

Can i put a rug in my hermit crab cage instead of rocks?

On One Hand: Good Choices for Crab BeddingHermit crabs love to burrow and must have a substrate in their habitat that will allow them to dig. Healthy hermit crabs also grow and molt. When a hermit ... Read More »

How to Build a Hermit Crab Cage?

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How to Clean a Hermit Crab?

This Hermit Crab needs a bath... Badly.Would you like to bathe your Hermie without drowning him/her? This article will help you clean out the shell and clean off your hermie without hurting it.