How Do I Clean Off After Bathing in the Dead Sea?

Answer The Dead Sea, accessible from Israel, the West Bank and Jordan, is a popular tourist destination in the region. One of its unique qualities is its high salinity. Bathers are encouraged to float fac... Read More »

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How to Clean Dead Skin From Feet?

Feet develop a calloused surface to protect them against the pressures of standing and walking. A lack of moisture, however, transfers callouses from protective padding into uncomfortable layers of... Read More »

What happens to the dead fetus inside a dead mother?

Both needs to be examined to see what the cause of death is and then the family can decide if they should be buried together or separately. Usually it's together.

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I love the vibrant colors of 1 but it would depend on your personality and what really talks to you as the second is playful and has some versatility in terms of the shorts. If you can afford it, w... Read More »