How Do I Check a Computer Motherboard?

Answer Opening The PCTurn the computer off and remove all cables from the back of the computer. Turn the computer so you are looking at the back, and remove the case panel screws. Slide the panel off the ... Read More »

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If I vacuumed inside my desktop computer case, is my computer's motherboard fried?

ESD =Electro Static Discharge can damage a motherboard and all of its components static doesn't seem like much to us as humans but for those tiny components its like lightning so you could have ver... Read More »

How to Check a PC Motherboard?

The essential components required to boot and run a system -- the power supply, the processor, the hard drive, memory and video card -- are all connected to the motherboard. The motherboard allows ... Read More »

How to Check Motherboard Drivers?

The large circuit board that takes up the majority of the space inside your PC's case is called a motherboard. Motherboards regulate all activities of your computer by allowing each portion of the ... Read More »

How to Check If an Asus Motherboard Is Still Under Warranty?

When you purchase an Asus computer, your machine is completely under manufacturer's warranty for an extended period of time. This warranty covers all parts inside the computer, including the mother... Read More »