How Do I Check For a Domain Name Expiration Date?

Answer Use the WHOIS databaseIf you use a UNIX-based operating system--MacOS X, Linux or a BSD variant--you can use the "whois" utility to query the WHOIS database. On the command line, type "whois (domai... Read More »

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What is the difference between an expiration date and a best by date?

That date on milk and other dairy products is a 'Sell By' date, not an expiration. Vendors must remove it from their shelves on that date. There is still plenty of time to consume it at your leisur... Read More »

Is there an expiration date for baby oil?

I have looked this up and cant find anything on it but I have a bottle that absolutley stinks.. there for i say its rancid.. oil can go rancid so im saying yes because this stuff smells horrible

Is there an expiration date on a Snickers bar?

Snickers bars do not have expiration dates. Snickers is a popular candy bar consisting of peanut nougat, roasted peanuts and caramel covered in milk chocolate. You can contact Snickers to report an... Read More »

Does Abreva have an expiration date?

Abreva, generically known as docosanol, is a nonprescription topical medication used to treat cold sores and fever blisters. This medication does have an expiration date, which is normally printed... Read More »