How Do I Change the Battery With the Engine Running to Avoid Computer Problems?

Answer Many cars have complex built-in computer systems that manage and monitor engine efficiency, fuel consumption and many other devices. Built-in computers are reliant on a constant electricity supply,... Read More »

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How to Disconnect a Battery Cable While the Engine Is Running?

The battery supplies the amperage needed to start a vehicle and run some of the vehicle's minor systems such as the dome light or the radio's memory. After the vehicle is running, the alternator su... Read More »

If my computer is running on safe mode, how do I change it back?

Restart the computer, press F8 continually during start up, select "start windows normally", and let it finish booting.

How do I change out a computer battery?

Buy a replacement battery from a computer store. Open the computer case access door by unscrewing the Phillips screws holding the door on. Locate the small nickel-sized battery on the motherboard. ... Read More »

How to Avoid Cramps While Running?

Proper hydration, diet and stretching are the primary areas of concentration for runners to avoid cramps.Ways to avoid cramps while running are a high priority on any runner’s list. You’re movi... Read More »