How Do I Change Pop-Up Window Size?

Answer First of all, it depends on the link that you are clicking. I am going to assume that these are web site URLs that your are talking about. And that you have already tried to size the window in th... Read More »

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How to Change the Main Window Slide Size in Powerpoint 2003?

Users can change the size and dimension of a slide in PowerPoint 2003 by using the "Page Setup" options in the "File" menu. Once changes are made, PowerPoint will automatically apply the new dimens... Read More »

When did the nba change the size of the women's size basketball?

Until September 2004, women's basketball games used the same ball as men's games, based on international rules set down by the International Basketball Federation. At that point, the WNBA, which is... Read More »

How to Keep Your Window Size in Internet Explorer 7?

When you open an Internet Explorer web browser window, you find that it never opens to the size you want. It is too big, too small or perhaps too narrow or wide for your liking. You can resize the... Read More »

How to Open Explorer Window at Max Size?

Windows Explorer is the window provided by the Windows operating system to browse the computer file system when searching, modifying or accessing files. Windows Explorer is designed to "remember" ... Read More »