How Do I Bid a Construction Job?

Answer In order to get contracts in the construction industry as a contractor, you must present bids to construction companies, and they award the contractor with the lowest bid. First you must pre-qualif... Read More »

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How can the choice of construction materials and construction techniques influence sustainability?

In a huge variety of ways. But since you didn't mention what you are building, I can't tell specifically. Here's an example though: If you're building let's say a garage with a concrete foundation,... Read More »

How to Convert a Single-Wall Construction House to a Double-Wall Construction House?

Double-wall construction is done primarily to thicken the walls of a house to allow for plumbing or thicker insulation. The second wall of a double-wall construction is not load bearing but is prim... Read More »

How to Get a Construction Job?

Construction is one of the biggest and fastest-growing sectors of any developed economy. It represents a vast and multidisciplinary field, requiring cooperation between laborers, skilled trades peo... Read More »

What does 11/11 construction mean?

Bokhara rugs from Pakistan use the 11/11 construction to describe the quality of their rugs. The first and second numbers describe the number of knots in one square inch. The number 11/11 therefore... Read More »