How Do I Answer "What are Your Plans for After Graduation"?

Answer For most college graduates and their family and friends, graduation is an exciting time. College students work hard for years to complete their degrees, and graduation is a well-deserved celebratio... Read More »

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What Fun Things Can You Do After Your Graduation?

Perhaps the most important question of young adults' lives after they graduate is "what's next?" When the world is your oyster, making a choice about what to do, or where to go, can be daunting. Mo... Read More »

What do marine recruits get after graduation?

While your in boot camp your not even considered a life form. your a prehistoric piece of amphibian s**t. But if you complete recruit training you earned your right to be called a Marine.

What Are My Options After High School Graduation?

High school graduates typically have a wide variety of career, education or other life options. Some questions to consider before deciding to embark on a particular path include the relative need f... Read More »

What percentage of high school students attend college after graduation?

Seventy percent of high school students enroll in college after graduation, and 91.6 percent of recent high school graduates who attend college are enrolled on a full-time basis, according to a 200... Read More »