How Do I Adopt My Niece in California?

Answer During the adoption process, all legal rights and responsibilities are transferred from the biological parents of a child under the age of 18 to family court judge-approved adoptive parents. When a... Read More »

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How can you adopt your niece?

Answer The parents have to give up their parental rights and you file to adopt the child in the county court house where you reside.

Can an uncle adopt his niece?

In the United States adoption is covered by state law. In all of the states in this area, the answer is yes. I have no idea what it might be in some other place.

How long does it take to adopt a niece?

Would it be possible to adopt a twenty two year old niece?

Many people would not see any point in adopting a person past the age of majority, but if you want to, there is no legal impediment, unless the niece is not legally competent. Then you would need a... Read More »