How Do I Adjust a Clock to Internet Time in XP?

Answer Right-click the system clock on the Windows XP taskbar. Choose "Adjust Date/Time" from the pop-up list. Select the "Internet Time" tab and make sure the "Synchronize time with an Internet time serv... Read More »

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How to Adjust an Auto Clock to the Correct Time?

One of the advantages of the clocks included with the Windows operating systems is that they auto-adjust. This means that when daylight saving time occurs, the clock changes itself. Similarly, it c... Read More »

How to Set the Clock Time for an SY703 Nissan Radio/Clock?

Nissan designs and manufactures a line of motor vehicles ranging between sports cars, sedans, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Nissan vehicles are equipped with stereo systems, and dependi... Read More »

3 o'clock in the afternoon is on what time on a 24 hour clock?

On a twenty-four hour clock, 3:00 pm is 15:00. Just don't say "15:00 PM" or "15:00 in the afternoon." It's just "15:00."

How to Adjust the Pendulum on a Clock?

Old pendulum clocks usually have a screw to adjust the length of the pendulum and therefore the time of each swing. This wikiHow tells you how to do this to correct the time-keeping.