How Do I Add a Device Driver?

Answer Locate DriverInsert the CD that includes the hardware driver into the CD-ROM drive. Windows comes with drivers pre-installed, and they can be used to work a number of devices. However, certain hard... Read More »

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Why does a USB mass storage device iPod not have a driver installed and is registered as a different type of USB device?

Answer windows does not need to know the device name if it shows the device as a mass storage device.

How to Load a Device Driver?

If one or more of the hardware devices attached to your computer is not working it could be because of the absence of a device driver. Follow the steps given below to easily load a device driver.

How to Update Any Device Driver?

Device drivers are programs that enable hardware connected to your computer. Keeping all of your drivers up to date will allow each device to function properly by resolving errors, bugs, and other ... Read More »

What is a device driver?

An operating system is a piece of software, as are device drivers. Because the OS needs to allow for communication between the CPU (central processing unit) and all installed hardware devices, the ... Read More »