How Do I Add Eyebrows to My Latex Mask?

Answer Latex masks often do not come with hair, and even those that do rarely have eyebrows. Fortunately you can add them by taking advantage of the fact that latex sticks to itself. By using liquid latex... Read More »

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How do I insert dentures into a latex mask?

Thoroughly wash and dry the dentures. Attach them to the inside of the mask's mouth by using liquid latex as if it were glue--the liquid latex will bond securely to the latex of the mask and share ... Read More »

How to Make a Latex Mask Fuller?

Store-bought latex masks are intentionally made very large because they must fit a variety of people. A mask that is too large is not only annoying--it can be dangerous if your eyes don't line up p... Read More »

Can I make a rubber mask without latex liquid?

You can create a rubber mask without latex liquid as long as you substitute something for the latex. One such alternative is gelatine. This less-expensive substance can safely create molded prosthe... Read More »

Can you paint latex flat over latex enamel?

You can apply flat latex paint over a latex enamel if you know the proper preparation techniques to employ. Because latex enamel dries slick, it is not conducive to paint adhesion. Abrade the ename... Read More »