How Do I Add Accents in MS Word 2007?

Answer Open Word 2007 and begin typing your document. One way to add accents to words is to use keyboard shortcuts. According to Microsoft, if you press two or more keys at the same time and the letter yo... Read More »

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How to Use Letters With Accents on Word?

English speakers and readers do not often have the need to include accents on the words they type into Microsoft Word, however there are many who create documents in Spanish or other languages that... Read More »

How do I add accents to a Word document?

Open Microsoft Word. Select "Insert" from the menu and click "Symbol" from the drop-down menu. Scroll through the letters with accent marks until you find the accent mark of your choice. Click on i... Read More »

How to Do Spanish Accents on Microsoft Word?

Standard American keyboards don't have accent marks (such as é) and can't properly place tildes (such as ñ). If you're typing something in Spanish and you need these characters, this article can ... Read More »

How to type french accents in Microsoft Word?

here alt and then the 3 digit number on the right side of ur keyboard, hold alt downà 133ç 135è 138î 140ù 151 â 131é 130ê 136ô 147û 150hope this helps..