How Do I Activate an eBay Gift Card?

Answer eBay gift cardsPurchase an eBay gift card through the official gift card page. The website will walk you through the necessary steps, prompting you to fill out your name and the name of the recipie... Read More »

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How do i activate a visa gift card?

Packaging InformationRead the packaging that comes with your prepaid Visa gift card. It displays critcal information that you need to activate your card. Do not throw away the packaging.Activation ... Read More »

How to Activate a Walgreens Gift Card?

Walgreens stores sell gift cards to customers who want to give a gift. When you purchase a gift card at Walgreens, you can choose to put any denomination on the card; your gift could be as large or... Read More »

How do I activate my iTunes Gift card?

Okay this is what you need to do,you have to click on the music you like first then it will ask you to activate a gift card or pay buy whatever!Hope this helps!

How do I activate a MasterCard gift card?

Activation ProcessCall the activation phone number on the MasterCard gift card packaging and follow the instructions on the prerecorded voice message. You can activate the card from home or a store... Read More »