How Do I Access Performance Monitor in Windows XP?

Answer Right-click an empty spot on your desktop taskbar and choose "Task Manager" on the menu that appears. Holding the three-key combination of "Ctrl," "Shift" and "Delete" also opens the Task Manager. ... Read More »

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How to Monitor the Performance of a PC?

It's possible to monitor the performance of your Windows PC without any special software or downloads. Using the Windows Task Manager, you can view and manage the processes, applications, services,... Read More »

How to Monitor Key Performance Indicators?

Key performance indicators are measurable objectives that a company can use to evaluate its performance. Key performance indicators measure financial objectives, marketing objectives, customer serv... Read More »

Why it is important to monitor performance at work?

Keeps employees engaged in their job instead of going to Myspace or Yahoo! Answers while on the clock.Gives employer a way to gauge how much work should be getting done in a given day to set standa... Read More »

How Do You Adjust Your PC Monitor For Good Display Quality & Performance?

1. Adjust your monitor's brightness & contrast either manually or automatically. Use a high-quality video source with a good color range as a reference for your settings.2. Upgrade your graphic car... Read More »