How Do Halo LED Projector Headlights Work?

Answer Halo LED projector headlights first appeared as aftermarket parts, available only for certain car models. But by 2011, halo LED projector headlights became available for almost any car make or model.

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How to Install Halo Projector Headlights?

Halo projector headlights have a small ring around the main headlight projector that lights up when you turn on your headlights. These lights focus a beam of light onto the road as opposed to regul... Read More »

How to Install a HID Kit in Halo Projector Headlights?

An HID kit, or high intensity discharge kit, can vastly improve the function of your vehicle's aftermarket halo headlights. Halo headlights have a "ring" of light around the main light. This type o... Read More »

How to Wire Up Cavalier Halo Projector Headlights?

If you are unhappy with your factory-installed Chevrolet Cavalier headlights, you can upgrade them to halo projector headlights. All models of the Chevrolet Cavalier feature reflector headlights, w... Read More »

How to Install Halo Projector Headlights on an Integra?

The headlights on an Acura Integra can be changed to projector headlights for improved lighting performance. While the factory headlights are sufficient for nighttime visibility, projection headlig... Read More »