How Do HID Cards Work?

Answer HID Cards use a technology similar to Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tags. They have an ID code that can be detected by a Radio Frequency (RF) reader. Unlike RFID chips, HID codes can be pri... Read More »

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Do sim cards work for any phone?

SIM cards do not always work for any cell phone, as most wireless providers lock their phones to their specific network. Putting a SIM card into a cell phone locked to a different company usually t... Read More »

How do phone cards work?

Phone cards contain an allotted amount of time to use on long distance calls that you pay for upfront. Each card has a specific PIN number, which allows the card's service to track how many minutes... Read More »

How do memory cards work?

They store information about your game like how far you are what you did last and if you pull the memory card out wile its saving or loading it will corrupt the saved game

Will B/G Wi-Fi Cards Work With N Routers?

The letters "B," "G" and "N" denote standards for wireless networks. The standards are meant to be recommendations for performance and are not design specifications for hardware. Each letter denote... Read More »