How Do Floods Affect Mussels?

Answer Mussels are filter feeders that survive off suspended organic material such as detritus and phytoplankton. According to BBC Science and Nature, mussels are commonly found in groups called mussel be... Read More »

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How Do Zebra Mussels Affect Plants?

The zebra mussel first invaded U.S. waters in 1988 at Lake St. Clair, nestled between Ontario, Canada and Michigan. Lake St. Clair is the smallest lake of the Great Lakes system. Zebra mussels have... Read More »

How Do Zebra Mussels Affect Humans?

Look around at any beach, pier, lighthouse, dock, boat launch or campground and you are likely to see a sign describing the dangers of zebra mussels to the boat you're launching, the fish you want ... Read More »

How Do Zebra Mussels Affect Plants, Animals & Humans?

Zebra mussels are small mollusks native to Eurasia that are an invasive species in North America. First discovered in the Great Lakes in 1988, scientists believe they were introduced by way of ball... Read More »

Experiments On Floods?

Many areas of the United States experience flooding at some point. To children, floods can be scary, but often children are curious about how they happen. Teaching students how floods occur can all... Read More »