How Do Film Projector Shutters Work?

Answer In today's media-savvy world, almost everyone knows that movies are both shot and projected at 24 frames per second (fps). But few know or understand exactly how the process of projecting a film w... Read More »

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What is my super 8mm film projector worth?

On One Hand: Condition of ProjectorReplacement parts and bulbs are expensive giving refurbished projectors a higher price tag than originals. Capabilities of the projector determine its value as we... Read More »

How can I watch a 3d film on my MacBook and projector.?

To be able to watch in 3D you will need to have the following. 3D HDTV or 3D projector, 3D blu ray disc player or games console, 3D blu ray disc movie or 3D video game and 3D glasses. Missing one i... Read More »

Can painting my vinyl shutters a darker color warp my shutters?

Painting vinyl shutters a darker color can cause them to warp, because the darker surface will absorb more light. The excess heat may be more than the shutters are designed to withstand and may war... Read More »

Can you play a super 8 movie film in an 8mm projector?

Super-8 movie film cannot be run in an 8-millimeter projector according to Phil's Vintage Movie Films. The primary reason the two formats are not compatible is the formats use images and sprocket h... Read More »