How Do Electronic Car Keys Work?

Answer The traditional form of car key is called a master lock key. It works simply by being placed into the ignition, thus disengaging the steering lock. Electronic keys work slightly different, using ne... Read More »

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How to Repair Bad Keys on an Electronic Keyboard?

Often electronic keyboards develop keys that don't produce a sound, referred to as "dead keys." This is mainly a result of built up dust and debris on the key's electronic contact point, which disr... Read More »

How Do Car Keys Work?

Spelling is a skill that children master with repetition and practice. Usually, repetition, practice and rote memorization are not high on a child's list of his favorite things to do. There are sev... Read More »

Why won't my one, two, three and four keys work on my laptop?

Take a hair drier if possible and dry your keyboard not on max heat just mild, then leave it off for a while hour or so, then switch back on. If the problem persists take it to a PC technician for ... Read More »

Why won't my arrow keys work on this game!!!?

This might not be all that helpful but ensure that your game controll settings weren't changed to a different scheme like southpaw or the letter keys. does happen.Hope this helps