How Do Control Arm Bushings Affect Ride?

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How to Replace BMW e30 Lower Control Arms and Control Arm Bushings?

BMW cars use a MacPherson strut front suspension which has a lower control arm shaped like an L on both sides. This control arm has two ball joints, an inner joint which connects to the chassis an... Read More »

How to Change Control Arm Bushings?

If you notice poor handling, uneven tire wear, or loose steering, you may need to replace the control-arm bushings in your vehicle. Most vehicle axles are attached with four control arms. There a... Read More »

How to Lower Control Arm Bushings on a BMW?

The lower control arm bushings on BMWs frequently become worn and fail to function properly. This, in turn, causes loose, imprecise steering, vibrations during high speed braking and shaking throug... Read More »

Installing Control Arm Bushings?

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