How Do Chinook Salmon Live in Both Fresh and Saltwater?

Answer The Chinook salmon is indigenous to the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most impressive salmon in the region. Mature salmon are spotted in black along their back and dorsal fin, and their mouth is ... Read More »

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How do i fish for chinook salmon?

Troll for chinook salmon in a river or well stocked lake. Trolling with whole or plug cut herring is a way to catch many chinook salmon at any time during the year. Anchor fishing can also be a ver... Read More »

Is fresh farmed salmon the same as wild salmon?

Farm-fresh salmon is not the same as wild salmon. Farmed salmon makes up the majority of salmon on the market. Wild salmon is healthier to consume and carries less disease than fresh farmed salmon ... Read More »

When does fresh salmon go bad?

Fresh salmon stored on ice or refrigerated will keep only for up to two days. If you freeze fresh salmon, you can store it in the freezer for up to 3 months. Fatty fish, like salmon, lasts for a sh... Read More »

Can fresh salmon be lox?

Lox, a popular Jewish dish, is cured and cold-smoked salmon. By definition, fresh salmon cannot be lox because it has not been cured or smoked. However, you can make your own lox by curing fresh sa... Read More »