How Do Cancer Cells Differ From Normal Cells in the Body?

Answer Cancer cells are different from normal body cells due to a cancer cell's deviance from normal cell reproduction. Normal cells know when to stop reproducing. A cancer cell will continue to multiply ... Read More »

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In which ways cancer cells are different to normal cells?

they don't respond to inhibiting stimulation signals

If a man has cancer in many different parts of his body, can the cancer cells be passed thru his sperm?

It sounds like what you're really asking is: can cancer be transmitted through sex from one person to another?First of all, it is unlikely if not altogether impossible that cancer cells be present ... Read More »

If one has found precancerous cells and has them removed is this a pre-existing condition if that person gets the precancerous cells again or even cancer when switching jobs?

Answer In CA:If you're with an employer group - no problem - groups of 2 or more are guaranteed issue and the time you spent on one plan counts towards any waiting periods on a new plan.If an indiv... Read More »

Do PET Scans help in the early detection of cancer cells in the body?

Difficult one.Yes - theoretically, if you had an as yet undetected cancer, a PET scan would show it up.But this isn't how PET scans are used. A PET scan is an expensive procedure involving a signif... Read More »