How Deep Should a Fence Post Hole Be?

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How Big Should the Hole Be for a Fence Post?

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How much concrete do I need for a fence post hole?

It is recommended to dig a hole, in depth, that is one-third the height of the fence post. Set the post into the hole and fill the remaining space with concrete. There is no specific amount of conc... Read More »

How deep should a fence post be?

Fence posts should be at least 2 feet deep. To dig a fence post hole, use a posthole digger. Posthole diggers can be obtained from a home improvement store either to rent or purchase.Source:RenTrai... Read More »

How deep should a pasture fence post be?

Usually, line fence posts are set 36 inches deep. Posts that are in the corner or on gates are usually 25 percent bigger since they need to be stronger. These posts are usually set 48 inches deep.R... Read More »