How DO I Dual-Boot Vista With openSUSE?

Answer Hi, that depends on what operating system u want to dual boot with but usually for any operating system when suse is installed, it will setup dual boot for u automatically.Please give more informat... Read More »

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Can someone give me some directions on how to install OpenSuSE 10.3 to dual boot with Vista?

Hi, visit my openSUSE blog. It has every instruction video and stuff u need.http://snake1990.wordpress.comYou can contact me if u have any questions.Good Luck!

How to Uninstall OpenSUSE Dual Boot 11 on Windows XP?

An OpenSUSE 11 and Windows XP dual-boot machine allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds--the standardized operating systems of Microsoft and the customizable free operating systems from Linux. ... Read More »

How to Restore the Boot in a Windows Vista & XP Dual Boot?

It is possible to configure your computer so that you can choose between booting to either the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system at startup. This configuration is called "dual-booting" o... Read More »

Can Vista dual boot?

According to Microsoft, you can create a dual boot or multi-boot configuration in all versions of Windows Vista. You must have a separate New Technology File System (NTFS) partition on your hard di... Read More »