How Could I make Home-made Wind Power to make Electricity?

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How to make a wind power generator at home?

To make this you will need a few things.the generator, blades battery and inverter.I have made three of them and I use them to power various things outside like lighting, pool pump and tv.The best ... Read More »

Does wind make electricity?

Wind may be used to make electricity. A wind generator's blades convert the wind into kinetic energy when they rotate, which turns an alternator. In turn, this alternator creates electricity.Refere... Read More »

How much electricity do wind turbines make?

A small wind turbine can generate up to 100 kilowatts of electrical power. Smaller turbines may be combined with batteries or generators provide needed wattage. Wind turbines commonly provide elect... Read More »

Where was hydroelectric power first used to make electricity?

Hydroelectric power was first used to make electricity in the Mayflower Mine in Nevada City, Calif. Called the Pelton wheel, it harnessed the energy from flowing water to produce electricity throug... Read More »