How Corsets Affect Your Organs?

Answer The practice of using a corset has found its way into and out of fashion throughout the course of world history. Though the corset has practical uses, and can be beneficial to the wearer, individua... Read More »

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Corsets That Make Your Waist Smaller?

Corsets may sound like a terribly uncomfortable garment that your grandmother wore and which you are determined to avoid. A corset doesn't have to be painful if you get the right fit and one that i... Read More »

Would you consider donating your organs after your death?

Do your family members have to pay any costs if you die and donate your organs?

A deceased organ donor, or his family members, will not have to pay anything to donate his organs. Organ donations costs are covered by the transplant recipient or her insurance company.Source:Mayo... Read More »

What is your favorite term for your reproductive organs?

Bald Headed Yoghurt FlingerOR Bald Headed AvengerORLeader of the sackOROne-eyed lizard with the saggy chinCant think of anymore......