How Convertible Corporate Bonds Impact Shareholders?

Answer A convertible bond is a debt obligation of the issuing corporation that the holder may convert to a pre-set number of shares of common stock at a pre-set conversion price. It has both positive and ... Read More »

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Are corporate notes&corporate bonds the same?

Corporate notes and corporate bonds are essentially the same. Both are debt instruments issued by corporations or other nonpublic entities and pay interest to the holder. When the bonds or notes ma... Read More »

Define Convertible Bonds?

Bonds are common debt instruments that companies use to raise funds. These have an interest rate to give the investors a profit, and they have terms varying from several years to only a couple days... Read More »

How to Evaluate Convertible Bonds?

The progress in financial innovation has resulted in various options for investors, and one such investment option is convertible bonds. A convertible bond has a provision that permits conversion o... Read More »

Convertible Bonds Explained?

Convertible bonds are sometimes called a hybrid security because they are bonds with some features of equities or stocks. Convertible bonds provide some definite benefits to the issuing corporation... Read More »