How Colors & Light Affect Plant Growth?

Answer Of the factors vital to a plant's growth (water, nutrients and light), how plants utilize light to power their growth is of extreme importance. Plants, after all, need the light that falls upon the... Read More »

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Do different colors of light affect plant growth?

The different colors, or wavelengths, of light have varying effects on plant growth, according to ACF greenhouse. Plants tend to grow best in the 400 to 520 nanometer spectrum, which includes blue ... Read More »

How does colored light affect plant growth?

The white light actually is compose of so many different light spectrum. But exposing a plant to just one color might do something to the plants. We don't know. That is why you are going to do the ... Read More »

Does Yellow Light Affect Plant Growth?

People often look up at the sun and note that it's yellow in color and think that the light it shines down upon them must also be yellow. The truth is, light is actually composed of six other color... Read More »

Do different light intensities affect plant growth?

Yes. Some plants prefer direct sunlight and some need less.