How Cold Can My Battery Be Before It Freezes in the Car?

Answer Automobile batteries function differently at certain temperatures and states of charge. A battery's effectiveness, or cranking amps and cranking duration, depend upon the outside ambient temperatur... Read More »

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I like the htc One S but the battery is pre-installed. What if it freezes how can I remove the battery?

You can just press the power button for 10 seconds and it will perform a restart. And btw, the One S is such a stable phone and I doubt that it would often freeze.

Which freezes first: hot water or cold?

Hot water can in fact freeze before cold water can. This is called the Mpemba effect. This will happen when the hot water is at a boiling temperature. The resulting evaporation process will cause t... Read More »

Which freezes quicker: hot or cold water?

Cold water freezes faster than hot water. However, it is possible for hot water to freeze faster in certain circumstances. For example, if you had equal parts hot and cold water, the rate at which... Read More »

How to Start Cold Car Battery?

Frigid weather can wreak havoc on a car's battery. Cold temperatures slow the chemical reaction in the car's battery, thus reducing its power output. But there are a few tricks you can use to not o... Read More »