How Can you Stop your Brother from being a baby?

Answer Unfortunately, maturity cannot be forced.

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How to Stop a Mean Brother from Being Horrible to You and Your Friends?

Have you got an older or younger brother who is nasty to you and your friends? Here is how to stop him.

How do you get your brother to stop being perverted?

Is it to you!?? If yes than get a doctor.. if not than i have a brother and there is no way.. sadly

How can you stop your big brother being so over protective?

You either tell him or show him you don't need his over protection or you have to become over protective 2 him and than he'll get its annoying and won't do it anymore.

How do you make your baby brother stop crying?

Comfort him, If its a tiny baby give it some milk or Play peek a boo to make him laugh. Just make him feel comfortable and give him attention and affection. Good Luck.