How Can you Find a Babysitting Job in your Area?

Answer well my first idea would be fo you to really get to know ur neighbors if they have kids who would need babysitting from someone. Invite htem over for lunch or something and htem bring up the fact t... Read More »

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How to Find a Babysitting Job Around My Area?

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How to Find a Babysitting Job for a 16-Year-Old?

For many teens, babysitting is one of life's earliest job experiences. Childcare can be an ideal way for a 16-year-old to make a few extra bucks and learn valuable work skills. Managing a child can... Read More »

Where can you find help babysitting a seven-week-old baby?

Answer Please do an internet search on how to care properly for a baby that age. How is it you have come into the care of a 7 week old baby unaware of how to care for it in the first place? Answer... Read More »

How to Find the Area of a Shape?

Here is how to calculate the area of a regular shape (square and rectangle only) and a irregular shape. 1. is the square and rectangle and 2. is the irregular